Right from the onset Amagoro Park has identified with the community it lives in through employment and supplier priority. Amagoro park recognizes the need to honour its commitment towards supporting the host community, therefore a number of initiatives were undertaken in 2015 focusing on following areas; Education, sports, security, Environment and Health. Going forward, Amagoro intends to grow its support on the above named initiatives among others.

Amagoro secondary school
  1. Bursary scheme; is already in place for orphaned students and School fees for five students for the whole of 2016 has been paid by three individual sponsors among

Amagoro stakeholders.

  1. Books donation; In order to support the Amagoro secondary school library, Amagoro Park requested for a list required textbooks. A plan on how to obtain the books is being put in place.


PC and printer;
  1. Amagoro Park plans to obtain for starters at least one PC and printer for the school.
b) Technical trainings
Scholarship scheme; intended for developing/enhancing the technical skills of interested host community members in the following areas; artisan, plumbing, tailoring, electrical etc.
2. Business workshop; to develop/enhance business skills for current and potentials business people. The plan is to conduct at least two business skills workshops per year.