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Since 2009 We Are Working

To Deliver Unique Residential Homes

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The development offers sleek and sophisticated bungalows, with high quality finishes always coveted, but rarely obtained in the cosmopolitan Region of TransNzoia residential landscape and the enjoyment of Mt Elgon View nestled over 4,500 Ft. It also offers a unique blend of generously proportioned stand measuring an acre with various immersive indoor and outdoor facilities to enhance your exceptional lifestyle.

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Master Plan

The plan defines what is important about Amagoro Estate and identifies modern opportunities for moderate growth while maintaining the area’s existing history ,cultural heritage and character.

Promoters and initial members- most of them now live in had valuable knowledge that helped the Estate develop a successful, workable master plan. The Amagoro community has helped set the vision for the area and provided essential input into the finalisation of this master plan.


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